28. Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies

Week 1 What Is Fashion? New Trends Dream Factor and Media System What Is Luxury? Luxury as a Product Luxury […]

27. Introduction to Philosophy

What is Philosophy? What is Philosophy? Difficult, Important and Everywhere How Do We Do It? Is There A ‘Right Way’ […]

26. Creating Modern China: The Birth of a Nation

  Foreign Models for a Chinese Republic The End of the Empire What is Republicanism? Communism? Fascism? A Chinese Alternative? […]

23. Invasions, Rebellions, and the End of Imperial China

Myths and Lessons of Modern Chinese History What do you know about China? Knowing What We Know Myth 1 Myth […]

22. Advanced Competitive Strategy

Maintain your customer base Switching Costs Lock-in Strategies Determine your prices wisely Price Discrimination Degrees of Price Discrimination Intertemporal Pricing […]

Elements of persuasive speech

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Figurative language is the use of language in a non-literal sense to create a rhetorical effect. Two types […]

Abai: Aspek epistemologis

Abai merupakan gejala multidimensional. Untuk memudahkan pemahaman, abai bolehlah dimasukkan ke dalam domain psikologi. Meskipun sangat boleh pula dia ditengok dengan lensa […]

Abai: Aspek ontologis

Peduli terhadap sesuatu berarti abai terhadap banyak suatu. Abai dan peduli merupakan kodrat alamiah manusia. Abai bersama-sama dengan peduli merupakan pasangan […]