China’s Timeline


1368 Foundation of the Ming dynasty
1644 Fall of the Ming, foundation of the Qing dynasty
1842 Treaty of Nanjing ends the fi rst Opium War
1856–64 Taiping War
1900 Boxer Uprising

1911 Revolution causes collapse of the Qing dynasty
1919 May Fourth demonstrations
1925 May Thirtieth Movement
1926–8 Northern Expedition by the Nationalists and Communists
1928 Establishment of Nationalist government at Nanjing
1934–5 Long March by Communists: Mao begins rise to power
1937 Outbreak of war with Japan: Nationalists retreat to
1945 End of war with Japan
1946–9 Civil War ends with Communist victory
1958–62 Great Leap Forward causes massive famine
1966–76 Cultural Revolution: Mao at war with his own party
1976 Death of Mao
1978 Deng Xiaoping solidifi es position as paramount leader
1989 Demonstrations in Tian’anmen Square end in bloodshed
1989 Jiang Zemin chosen as new Communist Party leader
1992 Deng’s ‘southern tour’ energizes reforms
1997 Death of Deng Xiaoping: Jiang Zemin reconfirmed as
2001 Beijing awarded the 2008 Olympics
2001 China enters World Trade Organization
2002 Leadership passes to Hu Jintao
2007 Hu confirmed as leader


Source: Rana Mitter, Modern China: A Very Short Introduction

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