33. Solving Complex Problems

Actor Analysis Actors Involved Problem Statements Goal Analysis Goal Tree and Criteria Causal Analysis Causal Diagram Scenario Analysis Problem Diagram […]

Contoh Tagline

LG – “Life’s Good” Apple – “Think Different” Harley Davidson – “American by birth Rebel by Choice” Lego – “Play […]

28. Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies

Week 1 What Is Fashion? New Trends Dream Factor and Media System What Is Luxury? Luxury as a Product Luxury […]

22. Advanced Competitive Strategy

Maintain your customer base Switching Costs Lock-in Strategies Determine your prices wisely Price Discrimination Degrees of Price Discrimination Intertemporal Pricing […]

Elements of persuasive speech

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Figurative language is the use of language in a non-literal sense to create a rhetorical effect. Two types […]

21. Economics 1: Principles of Economics

The Basic Core of Economics Choice, Scarcity, Opportunity Cost & Production Possibilities Observing and Explaining the Economy The Supply and […]

5 Rationales for Brand Change

The identity/execution was poorly conceived: Can often be identified by measures of consumer interest, brand associations, sales. The target for the identity/execution […]