Brand Element Choice Criteria

Memorable: Easily recognized, Easily recalled Meaningful: Descriptive, Persuasive Appealing: Fun and interesting, Rich visual and verbal imagery, Aesthetically Protectable: Legally, Competitively Adaptable: Flexible, Updateable Transferable: Within and across product categories, Across geographical boundaries and cultures

18. An Introduction to Marketing

Coursera, University of Pennsylvania Module 1: Branding Marketing Strategy and Brand Positioning Customer Decision Making and the Role of Brand […]

Path to MBA equivalent

Economics Behavioral Economics in Action, University of Toronto, edX Introduction to Microeconomics, MIT, MIT OCW Economic Issues, Food and You, University […]

Komisaris Indosat

Komisaris Utama: H.E. Sheikh Abdulla Mohammed S. A. Al-Thani Komisaris: Nasser Mohammed Marafih, Rachmad Gobel, Rionald Silaban, Richard Farnsworth Seney, Beny Roeslyawan Komisaris Independen: […]

Komisaris Indofood

Komisaris Utama : Manuel Velez Pangilinan Komisaris: Benny Setiawan Santoso, Edward Anthony Tortorici, Robert Charles Nicholson, dan Graham Leigh Pickles […]

Weaknesses of Fundamental Analysis

Time Constraints Fundamental analysis may offer excellent insights, but it can be extraordinarily time-consuming. Time-consuming models often produce valuations that are contradictory […]

Strengths of Fundamental Analysis

Long-term Trends Fundamental analysis is good for long-term investments based on long-term trends, very long-term. The ability to identify and predict long-term […]

Reksa Dana BNP Paribas Ekuitas

REKSA DANA BNP PARIBAS EKUITAS (“BNP Paribas Ekuitas”) adalah reksa dana saham yang bertujuan untuk memberikan potensi pengembalian nilai investasi […]

Reksa Dana Schroder Dana Istimewa

Schroder Dana Istimewa bertujuan untuk memberikan keuntungan modal dalam jangka panjang dengan cara mengkapitalisasi pertumbuhan pasar modal Indonesia, termasuk memanfaatkan peluang […]