Contoh Tagline

LG – “Life’s Good” Apple – “Think Different” Harley Davidson – “American by birth Rebel by Choice” Lego – “Play […]

Elements of persuasive speech

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Figurative language is the use of language in a non-literal sense to create a rhetorical effect. Two types […]

5 Rationales for Brand Change

The identity/execution was poorly conceived: Can often be identified by measures of consumer interest, brand associations, sales. The target for the identity/execution […]

Brand Element Choice Criteria

Memorable: Easily recognized, Easily recalled Meaningful: Descriptive, Persuasive Appealing: Fun and interesting, Rich visual and verbal imagery, Aesthetically Protectable: Legally, Competitively Adaptable: Flexible, Updateable Transferable: Within and across product categories, Across geographical boundaries and cultures

Path to MBA equivalent

Economics Behavioral Economics in Action, University of Toronto, edX Introduction to Microeconomics, MIT, MIT OCW Economic Issues, Food and You, University […]

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