10. A New National Culture

S c r o l l D o w n

edX HarvardX ChinaX Part 4 A New National Cuture 2014 April

From Early to Later Imperial China

  • Periodization and Tang-Song Transition
  • Changed Foreign Relation, Changed China
  • The Reconfiguration of Domestic Power and Wealth in Song China
  • Commerce and Urbanization
  • A Shifting Social and Political Elite
  • The An-Lushan Rebellion
  • Late Tang

Transforming Society Through Government

  • Reevaluating Government’s Role in a Changing World
  • Song in 1050 CE
  • Wang Anshi
  • Sima Guang
  • Su Shi
  • The New Laws Era and the Legacy of Reform

The Neo-Confucianism Movement

  • Context and Claims
  • Core Neo Confucian Philosophical Ideas
  • Zhu Xi’s Views of the Mind, the Individual, Politics and the Way
  • The Individual and Politics
  • Neo Confucianism as a Social Movement
  • Wang Yangming

Exams and Elites: China’s Unity

  • Institutional Intellectual Explanation
  • An Alternative Explanation
  • Literati and the Spread of Neo Confucianism


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