36. Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming

S c r o l l D o w n

Your first computer program

  • Algorithms and Sequence
  • Representation of algorithms
  • Precision and assumptions
  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Options for using Scratch
  • Programming in Scratch
  • Selection
  • Selection in Scratch
  • Conditions within selection
  • Iteration: infinite loops
  • Balloon party! Changing the looks of our sprites
  • Modifying programs in Scratch
  • Blow the clouds away!
  • A movie with two characters

Code gone loopy

  • Count-controlled loops
  • Condition-controlled loops
  • Recreating a tune
  • Music Video
  • Drawing Squares
  • Birthday card – butterfly behaviour
  • Birthday card – cake behaviour
  • Birthday card – extend with if-then-else
  • Birthday card – extend with sounds
  • Face effects with event-driven programming
  • Software design
  • Cut the fruit!
  • Software requirements
  • Helicopter game design
  • Helicopter game implementation¬†

Remixing games

  • Helicopter game extension with variables
  • Analysing the Pong game
  • Modifying Pong with complex conditions
  • Modifying Pong into Pizza Pong
  • Modifying Pong into a penalty shootout game
  • Guess the number!
  • A flower garden with nested loops¬†

Reusing your code

  • Catch the mouse with procedures
  • Generalising a program for drawing squares
  • Staircase
  • Hunting ghosts with cloning
  • Fireworks
  • A modular program for bursting bubbles
  • Wave¬†

Think like a software engineer

  • Zombie game: Requirements and interface design
  • Zombie game: Code design
  • Zombie game: Implementation of the interface, broom and zombie
  • Zombie game: Implementation of the zombie clones & Message broadcasting
  • Zombie game: Implementation of the backdrop and flower
  • Zombie game: Implementation of invasion and extensions