34. ChinaX Part 10: Greater China Today

S c r o l l D o w n

Greater China Today: The People’s Republic, Taiwan and Hong Kong


The Political and Economic World of Post-Mao China

  • Interview with Ezra Vogel
  • Interview with Dwight Perkins
  • Interview with Elizabeth Perry

Agricultural China

  • Chinese Agriculture before 1949
  • Chinese Agriculture under the CCP
  • The CP Group
  • The Future of CP
  • Field Trip to CP

Entrepreneurship China

  • Introduction to Wanxiang Case
  • Why Write a Case on Wanxiang?
  • Background
  • Wanxiang Strategy
  • Wanxiang America
  • Should Wanxiang build an Electric Car?
  • Q&A with Mr. Pin Li

Education China Part 1

  • Education China
  • Field Trip of Tsinghua Campus
  • Interview with President Chen Jining of Tsinghua University
  • Interview with Professor David Daokui Li
  • Interview with Students

Education China Part 2

  • Introduction to Kunshan
  • Kunshan: A Brief History
  • Why Write a Case about Kunshan?
  • Taiwan and Kunshan
  • American Universities in China
  • Kunshan Field Trip

Environmental China

  • China’s Environmental Challange
  • Early Pressure on Natural Resources
  • The Environment Under Mao
  • The Status of the Environment in Contemporary China
  • Political Responses and Prospects for¬†the Environment in China
  • Winning “the War”?
  • Harvard China Project on the Environment

Writing China

  • Interview with Yu Hua
  • Interview with Mo Yan

A Strait of Uncertainty: Taiwan in the Shadow of Mainland China

  • What is Taiwan?
  • Development of a¬†Taiwanese Identity
  • Democratization and New Tensions across the Taiwan Strait
  • The Revival of Cross-Strait Economic and Cultural Relations
  • Economic Integration and Political Partnership

Can China Lead?

  • Will the 21st Century Be the Chinese Century?
  • Beijing in 2035
  • Infrastructure State
  • Education
  • Chinese World Order
  • Can China Lead?
  • The Transition to President Xi
  • So, Will the 21st Century Be the Chinese Century?

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