32. Communist Liberations

S c r o l l D o w n

edX - Harvard - China - 9 - Communist Liberations - 2015 - January

Rise of the Chinese Communist Party

  • The Period of Orthodoxy
  • The Period of Experimentation
  • Yan’an

Socialist Elder Brother

  • Inherited Patterns of Sino-Soviet Relations
  • Transitions to High Stalinism
  • China and the Socialist World Economy

Fleurs du mal: Blooming and Contending in Early Communist China

  • Hu Feng Affairs
  • Blooming and Contending: “Fragrant Flowers”
  • Repression: “Poisonous Weeds”

Cultural Revolution

  • Setting the Stage for Revolution
  • Bombard the Headquarters
  • Lin Biao’s Demise
  • Reading “Life and Death in Shanghai”
  • Images from this Period

Last Years of Mao and the Reopening of China

  • The Fall of Lin Biao
  • Lin Biao in the Larger Context: The Domestic and Foreign Policy Background
  • New Foreign Policy
  • Domestic Policy After Lin Biao
  • The Gang of Four
  • Mao’s Last Year


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