31. International Organizations Management

S c r o l l D o w n

Coursera - International Organization Management - 2014 - December

Introduction to International Organizations

  • Introduction and early examples
  • Historical context of international organizations
  • Taxonomy : Different ways to classify organizations
  • The UN mandate, structure, and governance (part 1)
  • The UN mandate, structure and governance (part 2)

The Shifting Context for International Organizations

  • Networks and Hierarchies
  • International Trade
  • Climate Change
  • Internet Governance

Public Private Partnerships

  • Why and how do international organizations collaborate with business, government, and civil society?
  • Working across sectoral boundaries: challenges and opportunities
  • Managing PPPs – designing, implementing, and reviewing
  • Managing PPPs – implications for international organizations

Leadership in the UN System

  • Creating public value
  • Origins of the concept of an international civil service
  • Origins and evolution of the UN development system

Marketing and Fundraising

  • Building a marketing plan
  • Marketing plan example
  • Managing your brand
  • Branding – Octagon™ example
  • Fundraising
  • Fundraising example – How to build a case for support
  • Media and communications
  • Media tools example


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