29. Visualizing Postwar Tokyo – Part 1

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edX - UoTokyo - Visualizing Postwar Tokyo - Part 1 - 2014 - December

Occupation and Americanism

  • Views from The U.S. Air Force
  • Views from People in Tokyo
  • The U.S. Army as a Camera
  • Sudden Americanized Lives
  • Occupation in the Center of Tokyo
  • Washington Heights and Harajuku
  • Shonan Beach
  • From a Military City to a Commercial City
  • Tokyo: Imperial City / Colonial City


Imperial Gaze and Royal Wedding

  • Entrance and Disappearance of the Emperor
  • Tokyo: Imperial Capital
  • Occupying the Emperor’s Image
  • Reconstructing the Emperor’s Image
  • Imperial Palace after the War
  • The Royal Wedding
  • The Royal Family: Old and New
  • The Mass-Mediated Emperor System in Postwar Japan
  • TV Stations, the Occupation and the Post-Imperial City
  • The End of Showa and the Limits of the (Post-)Imperial Gaze


The Olympic City

  • Celebrating the Economic Growth
  • Creating the National Heroes on TV
  • Olympic as GAIATSU (Outer Pressure)
  • The Tokyo Olympics 1940
  • Failure of the War Damage Reconstruction Planning in Postwar Tokyo
  • From War Reconstruction to Olympic Construction
  • From Military to Sports
  • Tokyo Reaching for the Sky
  • The Tokyo Olympics and Loneliness in the City


Economic-cultural Clash in Shinjuku

  • Concentration and Urban Culture
  • Shinjuku as a Transportation Hub
  • Shinjuku as the New Buisiness Center
  • Shinjuku 1968
  • Concentration of Culture in Shinjuku
  • Visualising Shinjuku 1
  • Visualising Shinjuku 2
  • Conclusion

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