26. Creating Modern China: The Birth of a Nation

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edX - Harvard - China - Creating Modern China - The Birth of a Nation - 2014 - November


Foreign Models for a Chinese Republic

  • The End of the Empire
  • What is Republicanism?
  • Communism?
  • Fascism?
  • A Chinese Alternative?

The Military Persuasion in Modern China

  • Asumptions Regarding the Military in Chinese History
  • Regional Militarization in Late Imperial China
  • Militarization of the State in Republican China
  • Competing Models for the New Military
  • The Military Under the People’s Republic

Culture and Revolution

  • Revolution of High Culture
  • The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

Engineering China

  • Engineering Values
  • The Legacy of Sun Yat-sen
  • International Science and Technology

Against the Empire of the Sun: The USA and China

  • The War of 1937-1945 and its Consequences
  • The Chinese-American Alliance
  • Two New Chinas

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