18. An Introduction to Marketing

S c r o l l D o w n

Coursera - U Pennsylvania - An Introduction to Marketing - 2014 - July

Coursera, University of Pennsylvania

Module 1: Branding

  1. Marketing Strategy and Brand Positioning
  2. Customer Decision Making and the Role of Brand
  3. Brand Communications and Repositioning

Module 2: Customer Centricity

  1. Establishing Competitive Advantage through Customer Centricity
  2. How Can Customer Centricity be Profitable?
  3. Vocabulary of Customer Centricity and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Module 3: Go to Market Strategies

  1. Omni-Channel Strategy and Online-Offline Interaction
  2. How to Find Lead Users and Facilitate Influence and Contagion
  3. Social Targeting, Social Advertising and Persuasion